Setting up The Turtle Tank

Setting up your Turtle Tank The first thing to put in your mind is that whatever turtle you bring home with you it will grow. The little creature that is only two inches across will grow to be up to 4 to 5 inches across. Setting up your tank is very easy and only requires a minimum of materials.The Turtle TankA 50 Gallon tank will provide all the space your turtle requires. This gives you enough room for your turtle to have swimming space as well areas to bask. Breeder tanks (long narrow tanks) are perfect for this type of setup. There are several pictures here of various setups. Your tank should not be set in direct sunlightOther necessary ItemsFilter- A good strong filter for the water area is necessary. Turtles are very messy eaters. Changing the water should be done on a regular basis. You’ll be able to see when this is necessary just by looking.Lights- You’ll need two lights. A fluorescent bulb that lights the tank at least 12 hours  a day and a heat lamp should be placed over a dry area for the turtle to bask in.Multiple turtles can live together, just remember they do need their own space. If there are going to be fish in the aquarium they should be large enough that they won’t be snack food for the turtles. Plants should be stout and small and should be able to handle the activity of a turtle. Flimsy plants will be either destroyed or eaten very quickly.